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Misono Japanese Knive series 440 and UX10 - Benefits

Japan Knives: Misono Ux10 & 440 (molybdenum)

When we talk about knives that are made from the knife- making capital of Japan in Seki City, there are very few on the list and one of this are Misono knives. It seems that there are a lot of similarities between knives made from Seki City but what makes a misono knife stands out is the quality, sharpness and design with a western style inspiration.

Though these knives are made using the basic and traditional craftsmanship, it has added several processes that have become their trade secret in making these high quality knives.

Snow Peak Portable Cutting Board Set

Snow Peak Chopping Board Set Info:

  1. This convenient combo, perfect for picnics or a camp outing, stores a knife in the chopping board
  2. Ultra sharp and durable Japanese forging methods
  3. Slip stoppers make for safe cutting
  4. Wash cutting board with light soap and occasionally rub with olive oil for a long last