7 Interesting Facts About Tempura

tempura dish

1. No Panko or Breadcrumbs are used in Tempura, as this method of using breadcrumbs is called Furai.

2. Tempura traces its root back in the 1600s from contact with traders of Portugal.

3. Because of the airy texture caused by the method used in Tempura frying, only vegetables and seafood are used.  So this means no meats and that includes chicken.

4. Some recent experiments have turn away from using traditional ingredients and towards sweets such as using chocolate and Ice Cream.  You can even find Tempura Gummy Candies. 

5. Tempura can be found in most small eateries, vendors and storefronts in Japan. They are shops/restaurants that strictly dedicated to serving Tempura.  These places are called Tempura-ya and a must visit.

6. Classic Tempura Batter includes only 3 ingredients, eggs, cake flour, and cold water (accompanying sometimes with ice). 

7. Tempura is a versatile side dish and can be included in any meal of the day including breakfast.  One dish that many people don’t know that is quite popular with Tempura is Soba noodles.  

Tempura with Soba Noodles