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The Best Ramen Poster to Impress your Friends

Ramen has been quite popular in North America for several years and many Japanese restaurants have been adding their own spin of Ramen dishes to their menus.  The popularity has spurred several dedicated Ramen shops opening across New York City as well as many areas of Southern California. 

What a lot of people don’t know is that there are many types of Ramen recipes in terms of the broth and toppings.  In Japan, many regional flavors of Ramen exist, and it can be confusing for many as there isn’t really a nice guide that explains it well……until now!  ;)

Fanny has answered all of our prayers and designed a poster which explains 42 different types of Ramen.  The design of the poster is beautiful and very easy to understand.  The poster depicts rows of Ramen dish bowls and underneath each bowl, is a nice description of its name and ingredients.

This poster is actually an update from her previous Ramen poster which had 25 different variations.  Her new updated poster is simply called Ramen Poster 2.0 and recently got funded through Kickstarter (

You can check out more information about Fanny and how to purchase the poster at her website ->

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