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Ice Cornet an Innovative Japanese Dessert

With the latest innovation of Ice Cornet in Hamamatsu in Japan, you can now feast on ice cream that is both hot and cold at the same time. This new Japanese dessert is comprised of a crispy warm bread topped with creamy frozen yogurt ice cream that is 98 percent fat free.

The delicious Japanese dessert is available in a variety of colorful flavors including Mango Yogurt, Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla and Chocolate, Green Apple, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blueberry and  Raspberry.



The recipe for this fascinating and filling snack was created by Madam Yukari Muaki when she did not have enough money as a single mother to buy pricey Japanese snacks for her son. Once her Ice Cornets grew popular with kids and locals around the neighborhood, she decided to establish the Cornet Corporation in 2006. Today, Ice Cornets are found inside every shopping mall, population center and university across Japan. 

Ice Cornets of Japan.  Ice Cream Desserts

In fact, the increasingly popular ice cream brand also launched its first outlet in Malaysia last year and made some news for serving its first hundred Ice Cornets free of charge. Cornet World at Hamamatsu also offers a photo machine where you and your loved ones can pose for photographs and create another happy memory.


At first, the cone bread is shaped to resemble a croissant though its texture remains the same as regular bread. The cone bread is then deep fried very quickly in hot oil to achieve the right crispy texture on the outside. Deep frying the cone bread also brings out an irresistible aroma. The bread is then cut at the top so that you can eat it easily. Thereafter the cone is filled with a creamy soft ice cream that the manufacturers claim is 98 percent fat free frozen yogurt.

Each serving of Ice Cornet is relatively large and can barely be finished by one person alone.  Branded and marketed by the Japanese, the Ice Cornet is the latest craze among those living in the Land of the Rising Sun as well as those who are only visiting. With its sensational taste, hot and cold contrast and cutesy presentation, this Japanese dessert is a must try.  Also check out our piece on French/Western inspired Japanese desserts, very mouth watering!


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