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Katuo Tataki - Sashimi that will make you Hungry!

The love raw fish has been growing in popularity across North America.  We all know it as sashimi.  The question comes to many of us, is what kind of fish can we eat raw?  They are many types but the two most popular to eat as sashimi are tuna and salmon.  There is one type of fish that has been a staple and has great fondness in Japan and that is “Katsuo”.  It is basically skipJack tuna.  This type of tuna has a nice fresh and tenderly light taste to it.


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It grows up to 3 feet in length and is found in warm temperate waters.  It is mainly sold in a can, frozen as well as package in dried form.  The dried form is pretty popular and is used in flavoring for soups. 

Now let’s get back to Tataki.

Katsuo tataki is not really sashimi per se, because it is grilled just very slightly.  It is garnish with garlic, ginger and herbs.  It is very appetizing when you see images of the dish.  You can also apply some Ponzu sauce(popular in Shabu for dipping)  at the end to give it a light kick.  More information at

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Unfortunately this dish is not common in restaurants in North America or Europe just yet.  Right now fatty tuna is probably the more important sashami available. 

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Usually with any raw fish, it is important to consume it right away or when the sushi chef hands it to you if you are in a sushi bar.  Tataki on the other hand, can last up to a day or two because of the light grilling and the garnishes that are used.

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