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Kikkoman Corporation: What You Need to Know

Kikkoman is a major food company from Japan. It largely focuses on the production of seasoning products and soy sauce. The company also has interests in beverages, sake juice, and other flavoring products. Kikkoman has ventured into restaurant management services and pharmaceuticals as well.

It's multinational corporation that has operations in seven countries. They include Japan where it’s based, the United States, Canada, China, Taiwan, the Netherlands, and Singapore. Despite this, much of the production is concentrated in the Netherlands.


Kikkoman established its European headquarters in the Netherlands back in 1997. But instead of setting up the HQ in a large city or urban area, the company decided to go for Sappemeer, a small village located in the city of Groningen.

This facility has become one of the most important centers in the production of Kikkoman’s soy sauce. It’s estimated that the facility produces up to 400 million liters of soy sauce each year. The Kikkoman brand has a lot of recognition too.

As a matter of fact, Kikkoman still remains one of the most popular soy sauce brands in the US and Japan. The company also has a lot of share in the soy sauce market in countries like Canada, Netherlands, and most of Europe.

Kikkoman: Founding and Growth

Kikkoman was founded in 1917. Based in Noda, Japan, the company started off as a family-owned business and has remained the same for over a century. Although Kikkoman has different types of products, its soy sauce is probably one of the most popular ones.

What really makes Kikkoman stand out is the fact that its soy sauce is naturally brewed. It is made from organic products too, making it a healthy food seasoning product for the global market. The company has also ventured into other products and services. In 2014, Kikkoman had revenues of over $3.3 billion. The company has employed over 5,600 people globally.

How Does Kikkoman Work?

Kikkoman has done a very good job building a global brand in the soy sauce market. But this hasn’t been easy. One of the things the company does is to dedicate itself towards the production of quality products. Kikkoman has invested heavily in research and development. It has put together a team of committed and talented specialists that works together under the company’s brand to deliver value to customers.

Kikkoman notes that its biggest goal is to fill the world with “joys of food.” This promise and mission have been reflected in its operations over the years. The company has also developed a strong quality and safety support structure.

It’s not just about producing the tastiest soy sauce. It’s also about producing quality and safe products using natural and organic ingredients. Every single product is tested through a rigorous process to ensure it hits the market in perfect condition.

Kikkoman is one of the giants of the Japanese food industry. This century-old company has found success in many countries and continues to deliver joy through food.

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