Komezu Is Rice Vinegar(awasezu) Used In Sushi Rice


Komezu may be a word you recognize while walking down the vinegar section of a supermarket.  It is basically “Japanese Rice Vinegar,” which is one of the most important ingredients in making sushi rice.  You may also see this word across the culinary world as an ingredient for soups, pickling and marinades.

In the world of Komezu there are two types or styles that you will encounter.  The first version is the raw version (just unseasoned rice vinegar) and the second one is a blended type called “Awasezu”.  Awasezu has a mix of ingredients which is popular for using in sushi rice.  You can purchase the blend or even better; make your own by using the following:


Three ingredients are necessary:

  1. Salt 28g
  2. Sugar 100g
  3. Rice Vinegar (Komezu of course!) – 0.7 cups (145 cc)
  4. Optional – Sake

Grab a pan and add the rice vinegar and start heating it slowly to medium but never ever boiling it.  Then put in the salt while mixing.  After a minute or so, add the sugar while stirring.  Do this for a few more minutes and making sure that all ingredients are well blended.  Turn off the heat and move the pan to a non-used stove element.  At this point let the mixture cool down.  When it reaches room temperature you can start using it.  There are several other ways to make it.  One technique is making it without doing the heating step, where you can just add all three ingredients in a bowl and let it sit overnight.

The Taste

Komezu has the expected vinegar taste but at a much milder level than compared to the average vinegar (distilled) that are found in Western countries.  It is slightly milder than that of the average cider vinegar’s and much more so than that of a typical wine vinegar.  Because of this, Komezu will have other distinct aromas and flavor because the vinegar is not as overpowering.  It is known to be a very balancing flavor Vinegar and can be used as the main ingredient for many other styles of cooking that involves marinating meat or as a vinaigrette for your vegetables(cooked or raw).


3 Cals

1mg of Sodium

calories count of komezu Uchibori.jpg

Calorie source -  http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/calories/195848320