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Origins of the Tube Wasabi? - History of S & B Foods

From its humble beginnings in the 1920s, S&B Foods has grown to be a globally competitive company where it has been considered an instrument of change by constantly introducing foreign herbs and spices to Japan’s complex yet unique culinary tradition.

While the name was derived from Spice and Herb, S & B Foods has been producing a variety of spices, condiments and cooking ingredients which allows the creation of new and savory dishes.


1920s - S & B Curry Powder

It all started in 1923 when S & B foods introduced the first curry powder in Japan. This was followed by the Hidori Curry powder which was offered in the Japanese markets in the 1930s to cater for household use.

In the 1950’s more curry versions and packaging went out to the market like the famous curry powder packed with a distinctive red label and the curry cubes where some companies have tried to imitate. The curry craze back then has paved the way for the country’s unique curry culture. Today, curry is one of the most popular food in Japan where it is usually consumed once a week.

Premium Products

As the company is growing and competing with other companies, S & B Foods never let go of their corporate culture which is the genuine pursuit of customer satisfaction. Meaning, they carry out the business from a customer’s perspective. This marketing plan has led to the production of premium products such as the best-selling Golden Curry and the European Style Curry where customers usually look for a premium kind of product. S & B Foods’ innovation has led them to become the preferred spice company that customers can always trust.

1970s - Tube Wasabi

Similarly, during the time where wasabi was still prepared in its fresh grated form, S & B foods was able to discover and developed the tube wasabi in 1970s. Many locals were very much happy about the development of tube wasabi where they can now enjoy their favorite sushi or sashimi paired with this spicy condiment.  It further the cooking versatility because it presented different ways to incorporate the paste into other dishes and sauces.

With the advent of popularity of Japanese foods in the world food market especially sushi and sashimi, so does the popularity of its favorite condiments. This allowed S & B Foods to penetrate the world market with the tube wasabi as its global product banner.  

New Products

As more and more people, not just the Japanese, are craving for the quintessential comforts of a Japanese culinary product, S & B Foods has continued to innovate their products providing more spice and herb-based products to its global customers. In fact, they have established their own research facility located in Oshino, Yamanashi Prefecture to test new products before offering it to the market. Some of the products of research are the Curry Yobi, Dinner Curry Retort which is a premium pouch curry sauce and a line of series for low calorie curry sauce. New products that are out in the market also include a line of smart, fauchon and organic spices.

While some customer feedback says that they do not want processed products like the curry mixes and processed spices, S & B Foods also made a point to offer fresh produce like herbs to a projected small market.

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