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Pocky and Pretz: The Ultimate Japanese Snacks

Pocky and Pretz: If you’ve never heard of these two tasty Japanese snacks, you must have been hiding under a rock, since these are by far the two most popular Japanese snacks outside of Japan.

Pocket Your Pocky

Pocky was invented and first sold on store shelves in Japan in 1966. The name of this frosting covered biscuit-like snack comes from the sound that it makes when you eat it. It comes in many flavors, from the tried and true strawberry & chocolate varieties to those that are slightly “out of the box” such as chocolate flavored coconut. There is even a bittersweet variety of Pocky called Men’s Pocky.  


L.A Weekly ran a post on the top 11 Pocky Flavors:

  1. Original
  2. Cookie Crush
  3. Strawberry
  4. Sweet Milk
  5. Almond Crush
  6. Giant
  7. Gokuboso
  8. Winter
  9. Strawberry Tusubu
  10. Chocolate on Chocolate
  11. Milk Chocolate


For your curiosity, here’s an almost complete list of all Pocky flavors that have ever existed with photos

Impressive Pretz

Pretz is a stick shaped snack with a pretzel like texture. Unlike Pocky, which is covered with frosting, Pretz is instead dusted with different “seasonings” giving it a savory taste. Pretz comes in Regular, Kids and Giant varieties.

The Double Pretz has two types of seasonings, one on each half of the stick.

One strange variation of Pretz is the “Pretz Meets Wine” which is meant to be eaten with wine. Popular Pretz flavors in North America are Corn, Cocao, Coconut, Butter and Roast. 

Interesting/bizarre flavors that can be found are Asparagus, Potsticker, Pizza, Ham and Cheese, Grilled Curry, Cheese and Potato, and Giant Salmon.

—->>Click Here to see Pricing and a Varitety of Pretz at Jlist >>


You can easily find Pocky and Pretz either in your local Asian grocer or on the Internet.

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