The "proper" Way To Eat Nigiri Sushi

Nigiri Sushi...You know - the pieces of sushi where a slice of fish, octopus, egg, etc. is placed delicately on top of an elegantly formed chunk of rice.  Nigiri is much different from a traditional maki sushi roll.

Although we are all accustomed to eating our maki rolls with chopsticks, the "proper" way to eat nigiri sushi is actually with your hands!  

Gently grasp your piece of nigiri sushi with your hand, and if you wish to dip it in soya sauce (with or without wasabi), dip the side with the topping, not the rice.

The reason for this is that the rice will tend to absorb too much soya sauce altering the intended flavour of the sushi. 

DSC00188 by nattokun
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License by nattokun

It's not taboo per se to eat nigiri sushi with chopsticks, but if you're really into Japanese food, and more specifically, Japanese food etiquette, use your hands for these iconic masterpieces.

Note: Prior to adding extra wasabi to nigiri sushi, be forewarned that the sushi chef may have already added a smear of wasabi under the topping.

Image Source: thaivisa