Top Rated Zagat Japanese Restaurants In Seattle

Overshadowed by San Francisco and Vancouver as the top West Coast cities for Japanese Food, Seattle has a large number of top Japanese/Sushi restaurants in the state of Washington.  Listed below are 3 Seattle Japanese Restaurants with high ratings from Zagat. Note * Zagat rating is out of 30 and is based on food, decor, service, and cost.


1. Kiriba Sushi & Grill (Zagat Score : 29)


One of the only few in Seattle with a rating of 29 from Zagat. The Kiriba udon flavored with curry and the Red Dragon roll is a must to try.

2. Mashiko (Zagat Score : 28)


Known as Seattle's first fully sustainable sushi bar. (Takes into consideration the traceability of seafood, fish populations, fishing methods, and farming practices)

3. Nishino (Zagat Score : 27)


Recognized and mentioned several times by Seattle Magazine, Seattle Times, Pacific Magazine, Zagat Seattle. Nishino chef Tatsu Nishino, was a former chef at Nobu Matsuhisa original restaurant in Los Angeles and moved to Seattle with his wife in 1995 to open Nishino.