What Exactly Is Shirataki Miracle Rice?

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Though shirataki rice or miracle rice is still fairly new to the Western culinary world, it has been a part of the Asian diet for nearly 2000 years. The rice is prepared from a flour that is obtained from a root(like a potato) called the konnyaku and is from the Konjac plant. The konnyaku flour is also known as "glucomannan.  

Shirataki Rice Popular?

Shirataki rice has recently earned lot of attention in North America and Europe because the rice actually contains zero carbs, zero calories and absolutely no fat. Hence, this rice has become the preferred choice of many dieters.  It isn't yet as popular as Shirataki Noodles, but has been gaining ground in the health industry.  The issue for both Shirataki Noodles but more so the rice is the cost and also the competetion from brown and wild rice.


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What Makes this Rice Special?

The rice is so low in carbohydrates and calories it is said to be consumed by Japanese women on a regular basis to stay slim. And, apart from being calorie free, the rice is also soy free and gluten free, so it is particularly beneficial for those with soy and gluten allergies. Moreover, the rice is affordable and simple and quick to prepare. It also has little flavor of its own, but it can effortlessly blend into numerous Asian dishes. The rice easily absorbs the flavor of the spice or sauce you prepare.

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Contents of Shirataki Rice?

The rice is primarily made of soluble fiber that is essential for many of us. This fiber helps to fills you up by making you feel sated, and also aids in digestion. The miracle rice slows down your digestion process, which in turn, slows and regulates the absorption of glucose, thus making it beneficial for diabetics. The rice can essentially aid with diabetes control. In addition, consuming glucomannan can help with constipation, but without making you feel or bloated. There are evidence to prove that soluble fiber also helps to lower cholesterol and prevent hemorrhoids and diverticulitis. 

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You can easily replace one meal with a low fat, low calorie meal that includes Shirataki rice in order to cut down your caloric intake and enhance your overall health. Due, to all these essential benefits, this guilt-free rice is aptly known as the Miracle Rice!