What Is Inari Sushi And How To Make It

Inari Sushi with seeds

Inari sushi is a type of rice ball that is very popular in Japanese culture. It is sushi rice stuffed in seasoned Aburaage tofu pouches that closely resemble most of the sushi delicacies served in Japanese restaurants.

It is also available in various supermarket delis. However, most people agree that homemade sushi is the best. Inari sushi is considered to be a very casual food and perfect for picnic lunches because it can be eaten right from your hands.


How it’s made

Aburaage is type of tofu that is deep fried and used in various Japanese cuisines. Its texture is slightly spongy and this makes it desirable to most people. Because it’s deep fried, Aburaage can be pretty greasy. As a result, it is usually boiled in hot water before it’s prepared. For Inari sushi cuisines, Aburaage is cooked using a very sweet seasoning. This unique taste compliments the sushi rice very well. When cooking, you should leave the Aburaage to soak in sweet source for some time so that it absorbs as much flavor as it can. In addition, do not squeeze out too much sauce because that is the liquid flavor. 

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You can also use ordinary white rice to fill the Aburaage, but to make it tastier; you should add some cooked vegetables. This is because the vegetables provide that extra flavor needed and also make the dish appear more appetizing. Some of the vegetables you can use include carrots, dried mushrooms, bamboo shoots or Hijiki sea weed. It all depends on what you like. 

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Ingredients used 

There is a wide range of different ingredients that can be used to prepare diverse flavors of Inari sushi. You can try out vegetables such as Gobo Japanese burdock, daikon Japanese radish or even season the rice with furikake.

The following is a list of the most essential ingredients used in making Inari sushi:

In addition, you should always remember to keep your hands wet when mixing the rice and stuffing into the Aburaage tofu pouches. Japanese rice is usually very sticky. Keeping your hands wet will prevent you from making a mess of things.

If you don’t like raw fish, then you should definitely try Inari sushi. For those who like regular sushi, you will still have a taste for the dish. Even though Inari sushi is mainly consumed in Japan, it is gradually being accepted in western cultures.

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