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What is Nissin Foods?

Nissin Foods is a food company based in Japan. It focuses on the production of instant noodles and other popular convenience foods. The company is based in Osaka and has built a global market for its products during the 72 years it has been in existence. 


Nissin Foods was founded back in 1948. Its first ramen instant noodle came to market 10 years later. Initially, the company was named Chuko Sosha. Its name was changed to Nissin Foods soon after the ramen instant noodles launched. It has remained so ever since.
The popularity of the products offered by Nissin Foods has grown outside Japanese borders. As the demand for instant noodles and convenience foods grew all over the world, Nissin Foods decided to open a subsidiary in the United States in 1970. Its popular ramen noodles were introduced to the US market in 1972 but they were sold under the name “Top Ramen.”

Nissin Foods and Its Legacy of Instant Noodles 

When Momofuku Ando founded Nissin Foods, his primary purpose was to create an easy and simple dish that would help deal with the acute food shortage that engulfed Japan after the Second World War. Little did he know that this simple innovation would lead to a global revolution.
The instant ramen noodles have of course changed a lot ever since. Nissin Foods has launched dozens of products skews too but there is one thing that has remained the same for the seven decades. It still takes three minutes or less to cook the noodles. Ando knew that the biggest appeal for his ramen noodles in a post-war Japan was the simplicity and ease of cooking.
With just a packet of noodles and some water, people could enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal that had all its roots in Japanese cuisine. Japan has produced dozens of top global brands in various sectors. But Nissin Foods is probably one of the most recognizable Japanese companies in the world outside the automotive and tech sectors.

Growth and Expansion 

For the 72 years Nissin Foods has been in existence, the company has expanded its operations all over the world through acquisitions and investments into new factories. As of March 2011, the company had over 7,500 employees all over the world. Today, Nissin Foods has established its operations in nearly 20 countries and territories. 

The product catalog has also grown too. Right now, there are at least 10 product skews available for Nissin Foods customers in various parts of the world. In addition to this, Nissin Foods has also introduced various food fusions designed to make its noodles more nutritious, tastier, and healthier. The company is also offering chicken, beef, and shrimp inspired noodles in order to appeal to the diverse tastes in the markets it’s already working in.

The success story of Nissin Foods is the perfect example of how Japanese innovation and will power has had a massive impact globally. The company, and its tasty noodles, have led a revolution in the food industry that continues to be felt for decades since its finding.

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