Sushi Database (with Calories Count)

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Sushi is a popular staple food in Japanese cuisine. Sushi is made with cooked rice that is flavoured with vinegar, and accompanied by a variety of vegetables, meat, and seafood.

Traditional Sushi is prepared with raw seafood, but most typical use cooked ingredients.  There exists many different styles and types as shown in the following:

  • Maki - Ingredients wrapped in Nori(Seaweed). Four types of Maki.
  • Inari - Fried Tofu act as a container that holds the ingredients.
  • Narezushi - Fermented fish used as main ingredient.
  • Nigiri - Ingredients pressed into shape by sushi chef. 
  • Oshizushi - Sushi is molded by a box.
  • Chirashizushi - Bowl of rice with many types of ingredients, also called scattered sushi.
  • Note * Raw fish or meat sliced and served without using rice is called sashimi. Read more on the difference between Sushi and Sashimi.

The most popular type in Japan is Nigiri where as in Western Countries it is the Maki Rolls. You can read more about the differences between the two by clicking on the image below.

difference between Nigiri and Maki Rolls.jpg

The increasing popularity of sushi outside of Japan has resulted in other ingredients such as avocado, cucumber, okara, fake crab meat(pollock), fruits and other varieties of meats and sauces. 

Sushi List with Calories Info (Constantly Updated)

Sushi Description Ingredients Calories
Unakyu Roll

Basically a Unagi roll but with an addition of Cucumber and Sesame seeds.  The combination of the cucumber and BBQ Eel gives this roll a nice flavorful crunch.

Barbecue Eel, Cucumber, Sesame Seeds 352
Octopus (tako)

Takois is sliced thinly because of hard texture and is eaten raw.  Sushi Chef's prepare the octupus by massaging the meat and infusing it with Daikon radish to increase tenderness.  It is wrapped onto the rice with a nori belt because it doesnt stick well to the rice.

Octopus, Tako 46
Salmon Roe (ikura)

Roe is the fully ripe internal egg masses in the ovaries. The roe of the Salmon is removed and marinated in soy sauce and sake.  It is then wrapped in Nori.

Salmon Roe, Salmon 40
Unagi Roll
This roll has 2 main ingredients, barbecued eel and avocado, which give it a soft texture and a sweet taste.
Avocado, Barbecue Eel, eel 372

Low in price since this type of fish is abundant. One of the most healthiest type of fish but not very popular.  Served cooked but can eaten Raw(must eaten after caught) Oily and dry texture.  Tends to spoil fast, so do not take out.

Mackerel 88
Michigan Roll

Similar to a Spicy Tuna Roll which has fillings of smelt roe, spicy sauce and avocado.

Tuna, Spicy Tuna, Smelt Roe, Spicy Sauce, Avocado 440
Spanish Mackerel

A small and tasty fish that is served with a dash lemon juice.  Very affordable and one of the healthiest fish.

Spanish Mackerel 95
Tuna Belly (otoro)

The highest fat content of the Belly(under-belly) is rich in Omega 3.  Can be confused with toro, but is distinctive by the vibrant white colored lines.  Highly prized and not popular outside of Japan.  Different grades are given to the quality of the Otoro just like grading Steak.

Tuna, Tuna Belly 70
Salmon Skin Roll

Popular in North America.  Has a nice crispy sweet taste.  Main ingredient is Grilled Salmon Skin which is packed with nutrients. 

Salmon, Grilled Salmon Skin, Avocado 245