Gas Station Food In Japan.

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What is great about Japan is the quality of food and it doesn’t depend on the cost.  What I mean is that you can get really cheap food and it’s tasty.  

When I was in Tokyo, I had to catch a flight early next morning.  I’m always hungry first thing in the morning so the fact I had to be at the airport at 9am didn’t give me much time, especially I had to catch the hotel shuttle.

So that morning I decided to head to the nearest gas station called the MiniStop, since I’ve heard many stories on how great Japan convenient stores are for food.  Once inside the gas station, I was pretty blown away with the selection of food products.  I spent under 900 yen, so about 9 US dollars for 3 items.  A small matcha latte, a  noodle dish that had 6 Takoyaki balls, and a bean pastry.  If you don't know what Takoyaki is, read our article here that explains these magnificient tasty treats.

The lady at the counter heated up the Noodle pack for me, which was great, since there was no heating unit in my hotel room.  So understand it is standard for them to ask you if you want your food heated in the Microwave.  If you are a westerner, they will point to the microwave.

Gas Station, Mini Mart food in Nara Japan.

Here is a picture with the noodles package opened.

Matcha Green Tea Latte from the Ministop Japan, Tokyo.

This Matcha latte was fantastic, and it was under a dollar US.  But it was super tiny, about half the size of small coffee in North America.  I didn't have issues with the size, and sometimes I wish that this Xtra Small size existed in the U.S.

Back side of Matcha Green Tea Latte from Gas Station in Nara, Japan

I finish everything off with some instant Matcha that was provided by the hotel.  They came in little packets.

Instant Matcha Powder tea

Instant match tea in the morning