Travelling To Mie Prefecture ?

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Among the wonderful destinations of Japan, some are famous throughout the world, while others still retain part of their authentic charm. Of the undiscovered treasures found here, the Mie prefecture holds a special place, with its inspiring cultural heritage and fascinating natural beauty. The prefecture of Mie is located in the Kansai region of the Honshu Island, with the city of Tsu as the capital. Completely off the beaten path for most travelers to Japan, Mie prefecture is a great destination for people who wish to avoid the tourist crowds, yet still find the same unique experience that captures your heart.

Conveniently located close to Kyoto and with plenty of connections to the capital of Tokyo, Mie Prefecture is one of the hidden marvels of Japan, featuring impressive sacred temples, stunning coastline and pristine forests with majestic waterfalls. A trip to Mie Prefecture in Japan will certainly make anyone fall in love with this fascinating destination.


There are countless reasons to visit this place, yet some stand out from the rest, offering opportunities for inspiring discoveries. One such experience is known as the Kumano Kodo, a collection of pilgrimage routes that connect the most sacred places throughout the Kii Peninsula. These ancient pathways have been used for over 1000 years and it takes several days over mountain passes and through bamboo forests to visit the three temples. Another famous temple is Ise Grand Shrine, once the holiest of all Shinto shrines in Japan, where all Japanese wanted to go at least once in their lifetime.

At the border with the Nara Prefecture, a breathtaking natural area is known as the Akame 48 Waterfalls, an adventure that takes travelers along a short hiking path with countless stunning waterfalls to be admired. A boat ride along the steep Dorokyo Gorge, exploring the serene beauty of the wild valley is equally enticing.

The prefecture of Mie is also a perfect destination to learn more about unique aspects of Japanese culture and history. The Iga Ninja was one of the strongest and most famous ninja groups in the whole country. The Iga-ryu Ninja Museum offers an insightful view into the secretive life and training of these warriors. Another amazing place to see is the Iga Ueno Castle, located near the museum.

The tradition of Ama female divers is also a cultural heritage of Mie Prefecture. Also known as pearl diverse, these women dive for all kinds of underwater treasures like sea urchins, turban snails or abalone. Part of traditions that go back for centuries these women dive to incredible depths and sell their findings in nearby markets. The first cultured pearl farm in the world was founded by Kokichi Mikimoto over a century ago and visitors can now explore the Mikimoto Pearl Island just of and its insightful Pearl Museum.

Mie Prefecture is also a great destination for pure leisure and entertainment, housing a great number and variety of amazing attractions, including some exceptional theme parks. The biggest theme park in all of Japan is the Nagashima Spa Land, with about 50 insane attractions, including some listed in Guinness World Records. Other hugely entertaining locations include Ninja Samurai Kingdom Ise, Shima Spain Village, Shima Marineland, Toba Aquarium and others. This is also the home of the world-famous Suzuka Circuit, where international races are held. It also contains an amusement park with fun rides and attractions. Among the fascinating attractions of Mie Prefecture, the Nabana-no-Sato is certainly one of the most charming. During the summer, this is an enchanting and colorful flower garden with a variety of species, while during the winter, it becomes of the most incredible light shows. Millions of lighting fixtures create an almost otherworldly atmosphere.

There are many other interesting and beautiful places to see and things to do in Mie Prefecture of Japan, making it a complete and diverse destination. Visitors can admire the splendid cherry blossoms of the Shorenjiko Lake or spectacular rice terrace fields of Maruyama, they can stroll through the magnificent plum trees of the Suzuka Forest Garden or explore the historical heritage of Takada Honzan Senjuji in Tsu City.

When all this wandering around get tiresome, it is good to know that Mie also has incredible food, starting with the delicious Matsusaka beef. Although not as famous outside Japan as the Kobe beef, it is equally, if not more prized. It is produced in the city with the same name following strict standards, being known for its exceptional marble and taste. As a coastal prefecture, there are delicious seafood dishes, including lobsters, sushi, clams, abalone and more. Other local dishes include the Ise Udon and the Akafuku rice cakes.