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Bean Paste Restaurant in Tokyo

If you like beans then you must check out this café located in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo.  This cafe call Torayo, specializes in bean paste and offers many ways to consume it.  If you follow the link you will see many other products served at this amazing place.

Beans in Japan are usually mashed into a paste and ends ups being as a spread(jam) or filling for small baked goods.  There are many different kinds beans used in Japanese cuisine but there is one that is probably the most popular type and it is the adzuki bean.

This café in Japan specializes in Ogura(red) and Azuki bean paste and you can purchase it as a spread, tea biscuit or purchase their popular buns which of course has the classic paste inside.  Just check of the pictures below.  

Image source: Gigazine

Image source: Gigazine
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