Exploring Japan - Highlights Of Clotilde

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We love sharing articles on individuals traveling to Japan and exploring the country, especially if it involves food.  This piece we are sharing today is from a website called Chocolate and Zucchini which is run by Clotilde, a French food writer.  In 2010 she traveled to Japan and spent time in Tokyo as well as Osaka.  Here are some of the food highlights.

Gyoza from Ippudo - Japanese Food in Tokyo

~ Eating extraordinary gyoza at Ippudo — thin-skinned, flavorful, and perfectly seared.

Mochi Strawberry

~ Buying a box of ichigo daifuku (strawberry mochi), but not without first having to solemnly promise the lady that they would all be eaten on that same day.

Bento on a Train in Japan. Also known as Ekiben

~ Traveling by train and buying ekiben — railway bento — from the platform stands; thinking about the styrofoam sandwiches they sell on European trains and weeping for our civilization.

To see the complete adventure and other amazing highlights from this trip visit http://chocolateandzucchini.com/travels/japan-highlights/
Thank you Clotilde Dusoulier for letting POGOGI share your adventure!