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Best Things to Do in Kagoshima Japan and Where to Eat

Kagoshima, Japan's southernmost city, might not be at the top of the list of places to visit for most travelers, but it should be. With highly reliable and convenient tram system, you will have no problems navigating through this city. There are a lot of things to do and plenty to see. That said, Kagoshima has sub-tropical climate and the best time to visit this city is during autumn or spring when the weather is friendly.

Here are the best things to do in Kagoshima;


Visit Sakurajima

This is the main attraction site in Kagoshima- the spectacular volcano across the natural harbor offers several springs and hiking areas around the base where you can soak away jet lag in heated water. To enjoy to the fullest and to have best views of this volcano feature, go in spring or summer when the sky is clear- clouds tends to obscure your view during winter or autumn.  This region is known for their giant daikon because of the nourishing soil nutrients.

Head to Dolphin Park

This boardwalk facing Sakurajima is packed with restaurants and shops that will give you a stunning view of Sakurajima volcano and bay. Visit this place in the evening to see it lit up. It's scenic.

Amu Plaza

Amu Plaza is linked to the city's main train station and is one of the busiest and vibrant shopping centers with hundreds of stalls, cafes, shops, and colonnades to keep you entertained. You will also get a modern cinema hall on the top fall, and there is a Ferris wheel as well where you can take pictures of Kagoshima city from above.

Eat In Tenmonkan

This place is situated a few stops from the train station. It is the main commercial district and packs stores and amazing places to eat. You will find affordable hotels and is probably the best place to connect to any place in Kagoshima.

Walk in the Sengan-en

Once you are used to the city, you can visit Sengan-en and the garden around it to spend your afternoon. You will enjoy the priceless artifacts at one of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Shoko Shuseikan Museum, and observe how glasses are cut at Satsuma Kiriko factory.

Where Should You Eat and What Should You Eat?

One of the most famous restaurant to eat while in Kagoshima is Wakana situated in Tenmonkan. Here you can try eating "Shabu Shabu," Kagoshima finest special black pig. This restaurant was founded in 1951, and many celebrities often visit it.

Besides "Shabu Shabu" you can also order fresh horse mackerel, and roasted chicken.


Kagoshima may not boasts of buzz and vibrancy of major cities such as Osaka or Tokyo, but it is worth a stop for great shots of its scenic places.

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