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A trip to a Sake bar in Tokyo. UKYO! A Foodie Adventure.

C.B. Cebulski from Eataku recently visited a Sake bar in Miniato-ku Tokyo, called Ukyo.  He was in for quite a "Foodie Adventure."  Check out some of the amazing Sake/Food pairings he was served.  We warn you, you may salivate. 

As we had all just eaten, we pretty much just drank from Ukyo’s vast list of top-notch sakes, which features over 200 bottles from around Japan, personally curated by the owner, Okada-san…

200 bottles of Sake

Okada-san, felt we needed a little something to pair with our drinks, so he brought out a wheel of camambert cheese, that he then proceeded to cover in liquor and set on fire…He then shaved fresh summer truffles all over it…

Truffles on Cheese. Sake Pairing

We looked over these new menu items and vowed to return to Ukyo when we were hungrier. And sober.
Which is exactly what we did the next evening…
Sea grapes with Ponzu
Sea grapes with ponzu
As uni, caviar and salmon roe all also pair quite well with sake, Okada-san wanted to offer an affordable sampler that features all three, so he came up with this Sake Glass Donburi Trio. 

To see the complete adventure and other servings please follow this link.  Follow his popular Twitter account below.  

Thank you C.B Cebulski for letting POGOGI share your adventure!

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