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Master Soba Chef Makes Noodles in Silence

A recent video has emerged from MAD that showcases a famous Japanese Chef named "Tatsuru Rai", who runs arguably the best Soba houses in the world.  In the video, you will see him making Soba Japanese noodles in total silence in front of a crowd.  The audio pickup in the video couldn't be any better as you can hear every knead, mix and cuts of the buckwheat.  Truly an art form!  Watching it will make you feel relaxed and hungry.   Enjoy! 

Chef Sho Kamio: Master of Japanese & Californian cooking

Sho Kamio a new hot chef that has taken Japanese cooking to a new level in the state of California.  Kamio arrive to the states in 1999 and became a traditional Japanese Chef.  Today that has all changed, with many different regional influences and from years owning & heading several restaurants has all made a positive impact on his cooking style .  He explains his particular menus as 40% Japanese and 60% California.