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Some Interesting Facts about Shibuya, Japan

Though Shibuya is one of the 23 city wards of Tokyo still the surrounding area of Shibuya station is known as the shopping and entertainment districts of Tokyo. This area is considered as one of the main points for youthful fashion and culture of Japan due to the presence of large number of various restaurants, night clubs and retail shops. The streets of Shibuya have branch of most of the major stores of Japan and for that reason they daily remain alive with large number of visitors. Some of the other interesting things about Shibuya Japan are briefly described here under for your consideration. 



It is the statue of a dog situated outside the station of Shibuya who used to wait for his owner to meet him after work in 1920s. He continued to wait for his owner even after his death for up to ten years. Japanese recognise his statue as mark of waiting for your friend and for that reason this area remains busy every time. Hundreds of people wait here for their departed friends patiently. This is one of the busiest spots in Shibuya. 


Shibuya crossing is also a great spot for photography. Every evening large number of tourists can be seen photographing from various imaginary angles. This spot can also be seen in a number of TV shows, films, advertisements and music videos along with the photos of tourists. 

Umbrella scramble

The crossing of Shibuya station looks more attractive and fun when everyone present there has an umbrella, especially when it is raining. It seems like after every two minutes thousands of people, having big umbrellas, charge from opposite directions at each other. 

Tune up your skills for urban survival

The events like umbrella scramble at Shibuya crossing can change your viewpoint about the crowded streets when you experience them few times. You will learn how to survive in the urban areas of Japan. When you see hundreds of people in front of you trying to cross the people coming from opposite direction skilfully it will be relay surprising for you.


You can see something extraordinary happening often on the Shibuya crossing to make it more colourful. Some of these happenings may include stunts, antics, illegal concerts, gorilla advertisements and appearances of celebrities etc.

Attractions of Shibuya

Being an entertainment district of Tokyo Shibuya has reasonable number of izakaya(details), karaoke, restaurants, night clubs, shopping arcades and other interesting places to walk through.

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