What Is The Point Of A Using A Mold For Making Sushi?

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One thing that Japan is most popular globally is Sushi. This raw/non raw fish dish has become quite popular all over the world because of its unique, amazing taste and health benefits. However, to make a perfect sushi you need to have many years experience. Well, not exactly. With a sushi mold you can make a restaurant quality sushi roll easily and in no time.  We aren't  just speaking of your typical sushi roll, but more less sushi being molded into other symmetrically shapes.

A sushi mold is a special type of mold usually made from plastic that allows you make the perfect roll into different shapes. This gadget ensures the sushi rolls are of similar length and thickness. It can used for a range of fillings whether two or three and is suitable to anyone especially people who have no skill in making sushi. Using the triangular specialty shaped mold, you can quickly make your sushi into traditional style similar to Onigiri.  

Smoked Salmon Onigiri by Indie Bands With a Mission, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License by Indie Bands With a Mission - Onigiri

Some notable molds for making sushi available at Amazon include the following:

1. White Sushi Mold Rice Ball Maker (3 Shapes) 

This mold for sushi is perfect for making the right sushi roll and comes in white color. It is sold by Japan Super Mall and is available from Amazon.

Mold for sushi

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The mold measures 7 by 2-1/4 by 1-1/2inches, comes in non-stick plastic, and features Star, Heart, and Bear shapes.

2. Sushi Mold (Large Maker) 

The Large sushi mold is sold by NIJIIROstore and is available from Amazon. The Japanese made mold weights approximately 3.2ounces and is ideal for making large size sushi.

sushi mold: for larger sushi

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It comes with a non-stick plastic surface and requires no bamboo sushi mat. This ensures sushi row is made easily while keeping the area tidy.

Sushi mold instructions

3. Japanese Plastic Oshizushi Press Sushi Box Mold 

The Oshizushi Press Sushi Box Mold is suitable for people who love the “Oshizushi” style of making sushi.

Sushi Mold Square

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The gadget is made from plastic and is designed for easy layering of fillings on top of the rice. It comes with dimensions of 8 by 2.5 by 2 inches and shipping weight of approximately 1.6 ounces. The dishwasher safer mold is sold by JapanSuperMall and is available at Amazon. 

Sushi Mold Square version

If you desire to make a tasty and perfect sushi rolls you will find any of the above sushi molds from Amazon ideal. They are made from quality plastic, hygienic, and user-friendly.