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Burger King New Red Burger: The Samurai

Burger King of Japan made headlines months ago with their black burger(with improved ingredients).  This time around, they are bringing an all "Red Burger" to compliment the black burger and it is called the "Samurai Burger".  This red burger will be on sale in Japan on July 3rd, and BK is hoping it will become a hit.  You can either buy the chicken or beef versions. 

Burger King new Red Samurai Burger


The buns and cheese have red dye in it, and the sauce is basically a red hot sauce.  Oh the buger is packed with hot peppers as well.  This sounds like a spicy burger.  The only thing that isn’t red is the chicken and burger patty.

The dye that is used in the cheese and buns is basically tomato powder that gives it a nice red bright color.

The cost of this chicken burger is $4.40 (USD), and the beef burger runs about 2 dollars more.

Source: wsj

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