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Top Asia Awards for Best Restaurants - Japan Big Winners

In Bangkok Thailand, the yearly event of the Asia’s 50 top restaurants was held.  This event of culinary awards is a spinoff of the world’s 50 best restaurant and the chosen winners are voted by over 300 leading industry experts.  This includes for example food writers of magazines/tv and chefs.  This is the fifth year and has been successful with bringing global media.

Star Wars Dipping Units to Go with your Chopsticks Light Saber?

Each time you go for sushi you rarely think about the actual dishes that are used to serve your food, except if you order one of those big giant sushi boats.  What we are focusing on are those small dish units that are used for your soy sauce.  If you think about it, if you visited many different types Japanese restaurants in the past, you probably noticed that the serving dish for the soy sauce has always a different look to it.  Different shapes, different sizes, different color and different design.  Also let’s not forget that they come in different material such as ceramic, plastic, por

No Joke - Kit Kat Sushi

The past couple days we’ve been getting quite a few emails about a new type of sushi that has been hitting the mainstream wave of social media.  We thought it was a joke based on the images that were sent to us, but apparently it is the real deal.  What makes this sushi different and interesting is that it uses a Kit Kat bar as its main ingredient.  It is more or less a treat and comes in apparently three different types of flavor.  One is see urchin, the second flavor is that of an egg(aka Tamago) and lastly the tuna.

Sushi Donut - Will it hit mainstream?

Who doesn't like donuts and sushi?  Well how about combining the two together to make a sushi donut.  Yes we aren't lying, someone has created this spectacular looking donut that has gone viral on the picture sharing social media Instagram.

Inventor of California Roll receiving an award from Japan

Chef Hidekazu Tojo of Vancouver has been just honoured as the goodwill ambassador of Japanese cuisine.  He has been appointed the title by the Ministry of agriculture, fisheries and forest (Government of Japan).  He is considered a top tier chef of Japanese cuisine making him the 13th honouree of this title.

Sushi that you can lie on?

Do you want to own the largest sushi that isn’t edible?  You probably thinking why would I get sushi that I cannot eat, and what is this fuss about of a giant sushi.  We at Pogogi had to bring this up, even though it has nothing to do with food but more about comfort.  These are cushions were talking about….. Sushi cushions that is.

Just take a look at these pictures. 

Sushi Burger Making its Mark

The new craze in the past decade is fusion food.  With a wave of immigrants from the last 50 years have brought their cultures and foods in the areas they have settled.  Since the 70s, Chinese food is probably the biggest fusion type food in the Western world. 

Many understand that the foods served at Chinese restaurants in North America and Europe are not authentic Chinese food.  The menus are more catered to the Western palate where ingredients are swap for something local or simply adjusted by lowering or increasing the amount used.

Caviar Market: Japan competing with Iran and Russia

Japan is well known in the Tobiko world and is ready to jump into the caviar market where it will be in direct competition with the countries of Iran and Russia.  It will be Japan’s first domestically created caviar that will be shipped worldwide.  Japan is respected internationally and renowned for many of its food exports and cooking techniques.  

Japan's New Hot Sauce

Japan has a long list of new and traditional ingredients that have been popularized into mainstream supermarkets in North Amercia and Europe.  Some of these top ingredients used in Western countries are teriyaki sauce (a healthy choice), Japanese soy sauce, seaweed, wasabi, and most recently mayo [Japanese-style].  What is interesting is that some of these ingredients have come from the West (mayonnaise) and introduced to Japan many years ago where they have been  tweaked for the Japanese pallete.