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father and son

Chef not Raising Prices after loss of Wife in Kobe Quake: Happy Ending Arises

Many of us have heard the words ‘I will love you ‘till the end of time’ but how many people have actually kept this promise? Well, 71 year-old Kazuyoshi Ueno has kept his love for his late wife Michiko burning more than two decades after she perished in the Great Hanshin Earthquake that devastated their home town of Kobe, Japan on 17th January, 1995.

If you happen to visit Kazuyoshi’s sushi bar, the Nadazushi, you will notice that their price list is old and discolored and their prices are somewhat low. You see, the price list was handwritten by Michiko thus Kazuyoshi cannot bring himself to replace it; not even to adjust the prices and improve the profitability of the sushi bar. The couple had been operating the bar together for several years before disaster struck and broke Kazuyoshi’s heart.


He was so devastated that he could not imagine himself running the sushi bar without his wife. It took the pleas of his faithful customers to get him to re-open the enterprise but as expected the place was not the same without Michiko. Consequently, Kazuyoshi found himself drawn to alcohol as he languished in loneliness until his son Yoshihiro moved back to Kobe and saved the day.

Happy Duo

Today, the father and son duo runs the sushi bar but Kazuyoshi holds on to the old price list and Michiko’s spirit lives on in the place she loved.


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