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Did you know Japan has an Appetite for Sheep?


Early in the 20th century, sheep was imported to Japan not only for wool but for eating.  Several sheep farms could be found throughout Japan during that time. Several years later most of these farms were removed/demolished by the government Japan. 

The only places that you could find Lamb in Japan as an edible source, was in the northern province of Hokkaido. It was there, that the name Genghis Khan was used for the dish Jingisukan(basically grilled lamb).

What is interesting is that the meat is cooked on a dome skillet resembling that of a Mongolian soldiers helmet.

By 1936, the popularity of Jingisukan had spread throughout mainland Japan and the first restaurant to serve this dish was in Tokyo. You guessed the name of the restaurant is called Genghis House.  If you ever visit Hokkaido for its food, make sure to try out this warrior's dish.

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