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Green Tea: A vital ingredient against Oral Cancer Cells?

In recent years green tea has received a great deal of attention throughout the media. Many health claims have been made and some are actually very beneficial to consumers. One such discovery is the ability of Green tea to kill oral cancer cells. While this may seem like an impossible task for an ordinary beverage the research is astounding.

Japanese Green Tea Health benefits

Researchers teamed up to use modern imaging techniques and fluorescent dyes to measure the actions of the compounds within the tea itself yielding some startling results. So if you are an avid green tea consumer you may be getting more benefits than you had considered before.

It seems that the important compound in green tea, epigallocatechin-3-gallate – EGCG, can kill a great deal of oral cancer cells. This compound accomplishes this feat without any harm to healthy cells either which is a major plus considering the damage of some current treatments within the body. The tests were carried out with fluorescent dyes during the active parts of the testing procedures.

Macha-iri Genmai Cha by Michael Cornelius, on Flickr
by  Macha-iri - Genmai Cha
Researchers say that they could actually see the cells forming an oxygen compound that seemed to damage the cancer cells. Once damaged, they had a hard time functioning and eventually died leaving behind the healthy cells undamaged. So it seems that green tea may very well prove to be a beneficial treatment or the enzyme therein may prove to be beneficial in eliminating oral cancer in the future with less damage. 
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