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candy in ramen flavor

Hard Rock Candy Flavored Ramen?

Ramen Noodles can be scrumptious, and also sweets and is definitely yummy.  One particular Japanese business made a decision to determine if perhaps these totally different pair of products might go well together into a single entity. It was decided that the blend would be made into a candy.
From the website RocketNews24, two famous companies Nissen and Pine chose to work together over a brand new hard candy flavoring, and so they asked the public for recommendations and they received feedback from 6000 individuals.  Many recommended various tastes, and ultimately the all judges believed that the particular famous tonkotsu pork bone broth was the best choice.  It ended up being probably the most intriguing flavoring, therefore they crafted this choice directly into its latest hard-candy.
rock candy in ramen flavor
This ramen broth candy are apparently tasty and the sweetness is not overpowering at all. Additionally they seem like a superbly made regular-type hard sweet candy.  These would make great items for pranking a unsuspicious individuals who may well expect a sweet and yummy candy rather than something that taste like ramen.
Unfortunately if you are excited for these ramen candies, then you will have to put yourself on a waiting list as the pre-order has sold out.  The price of for a package go for around 3 us dollars or 345 Japanese Yen.
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