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This Japanese Gin is the World's Most Expensive?

Watenshi gin is only exclusive to Selfridge of London.  The gin is presented in a glass bottle that was hand blown and the pricetag is -> 2000 pounds or $3000usd.  Their claim is that it is the most expensive gin in the world.
The business state that this gin is expensive because it has a distinctive distillation method. Supposedly they are able to retain 1% from each distillation using methods that involve cold temperature and air pressure(half of that on top of Mt. Everest).  These unique methods prevents evaporation thus this one percent is at its finest.
They are known as the best gin(one percent) and have been already awarded with the top 2015 gin from China/Hong Kong.
There are several other ingredients such as the shiso leaves, sansho pepper, the peel of the yuzu(popular citrus ingredient in Japanese Salad) and cucumber to name a few.
The handcraft of the bottles is quite impressive where it is pass through several specialize process:
1. It is first blown by hand in Cambridgeshire
2. The stoppers are from Swtizerland
3. In London it is decorated with engraving, plated and casted
4. Then finally it is adorned with Japanese characters(hand-brushed) by a Master.
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