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Japanese Restaurant that Serves Alligator, Salamandar and Piranha

When you see these dishes on the menu of this restaurant you will be wondering if these are even edible?  This restaurant serves all kind of interesting delicacies critters or basically anything that moves like mammals or insects.
Even Bear Grylls will think twice before indulging on some of these delicacies.
Ok lets get to the menu!...You will find hands of alligator, cockroaches, and baby chicks. This restaurant is located in Yokohama, one of the largest areas of Japan. 
The menu of the restaurant is constantly updated with new fascinating dishes and you can follow them by checking out their Twitter(@noge_chinjuya).
These are French Fries, well not exactly made from potatoes but from larvae of Moths.  
Moth Larvae
Another dish is the pork genitalia cooked in ginger as well as garlic. (shown below)
Oh and yes they do serve raw food like fish -sashimi- but as in Sea Lion.  It is marinated and cooked with soy sauce.
How bout something from the Amazon river?  Try Piranha, deep fried.  Ok I admit, this one I may try because anything deep fried is good and its just a fish right?
Boiled Pig brains
What is interesting is that this restaurant has been around for a while at6 years, and only now has it made headlines on major world news outlets.
Understand some of the dishes may be very expensive if you are somewhat leaning towards in visiting this restaurant.  A plate of roasted frogs are 62 Euros and salamander that is deep fried goes for 132 Euros. 
Image sources - Yahoo
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