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Kick Back with Kirin Beer

For those who enjoy trying new beers, don’t forget about Kirin Ichiban beer from Japan. Yes, I know what you might be thinking – beer from Japan? (or any other Asian country for that matter). In addition to tea and sake, Japan also makes some very good beer. Japan is actually a country that loves their beer and it shows…literally. Not only can you purchase beer from vending machines but there are even TV shows who invite drunken businessmen to participate in “skill testing questions” (purely for the enjoyment of sober viewers) as they stumble home after a night out with co-workers. Their prize? Usually a bento box for the next day hangover. 

Kirin beer has a stronger malt and hop taste than its rival Asahi beer, but doesn’t overpower and has a nice aftertaste. During my visits to Japan, I usually find Asahi to be my first choice with Kirin a close second when I crave a beer with a bit more flavour. Although the growing trend in Japan is coffee with mobile coffee company Motoya Espresso Express leading the way and specialty sake shops promoting the old school alcohol as the new cool, beer will continue to be a Japanese staple for a long time. How can we be sure of this? Well, if for no other reason Japanese summers are incredibly hot and humid – and nothing tastes better on a hot and humid day than a nice cold beer.


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