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MacDonald's Japan using Avocados in their Burgers?

McDonald’s Japan is looking into a healthier menu for its citizens.  And the one fruit that is chosen to be in some of their sandwiches is the ever so popular avocado.  What is very interesting is that in Japanese cuisine, avocado is not a familiar ingredient.  On the other hand, Avocados are a very popular sushi ingredient in the West and in much Latin American cuisine. One sushi roll call the California roll is probably the most well-known that uses avocado.

Apparently what brought the attention of avocados to Japan is social media.  The fruit is known to have many health benefits and is known to help with reducing levels of cholesterol, heart disease, and apparently is great for the brain.  Or in other words a good brain food along with being great for the eye from containing vitamin E and beta carotene.

On the menu is an avocado muffin which is an alternative to the famous McDonald’s egg muffin.  Also they are offering an avocado vegetable burger, an healthier alternative to a cheeseburger.

What is interesting is that McDonald’s is only offering the avocado filled menu in Japan.  You would think it would be quite popular in California because of the popularity of it in that state.  It is also home as mentioned, to the California roll.

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