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Only in Japan - Sublime Gold Kit Kat Flavor

Who doesn’t like a Kit Kat bar once in a while?  It is one of the most iconic candy bars/chocolate bars in the world.  It is as a worldwide phenomenon hitting global markets in 16 countries and has been quite the craze in Japan.  In Japan since 2000, Nestle has created over 200 flavors.  This rivals the amount of flavors that Pokey and Pretz offers, the 2 most iconic candy bar sticks in Japan.

Recently Kit Kat Japan has created 500 gold coated bars and will be release to the public in stores across Japan.  It is labelled as the “Sublime Gold” limited-edition bar.  It is covered in gold leaflets and is apparently very buttery, rich and bitter.  The cost of these bars will go for $16 US.

Currently Japan offers 30 different flavors from the most southern tip of Okinawa all the way North to Hokkaido.  The most popular flavor all the time originating from Japan are the Green Tea flavors and you can find in many markets in Asia.  They are many regional flavors such as the Okinawa sweet potato and the Kobe special pudding.

Image Sources: Nestle Japan, Rocketnews
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