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Organic Food Tech in Japan inspire China

Natural and wellness meals choices are more and more common in China, however there are often hard to find in the event you are a foreigner.
A Japanese company is focusing on services for delivering natural veggies is gaining popularity in Mainland China.
With the services, individuals are more keen and have more confidence in buying natural products.  Many of the farm are growing vegetables without the need for gardening chemical substances or fertilizers.  
Senior officials in the venture desire this program alot and are hopefull that it will generate a brand-new gardening enterprize model that utilizes Japanese techniques of environemtal friendly farm tech.
There was a scare back in December where red alarms went off because of high air pollution.  This has raised major concerns especially in northeast China.  This area is know to grow cherry tomatoes and greens such as lettuce in greenhouses.
Now the greenhouses are not using coal to burn in order to power a heating storage but a new environment friendly unit where the bricks have the ability to absorb the sun. What is amazing now, is that all the veggies are gurranteed safe unlike in the past.  They are tasting very full according to many of the locals.
“Organic farming can be pleasant for both individuals in addition to the garden soil.” “We would like to be able to create natural vegetables accessible to many individuals.” This is quoted by a staff member.
Source: JapanTimes
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