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The perfect food? The science behind it at a Kyoto Laboratory

In a laboratory of a University in Japan lies the future of the perfect food.

You probably wondering what is a perfect food?

A laboratory located in Kyoto main goals are to discover it.  Participating in this project are a group of top chefs and scientist working together to try to understand the science behind good food.

One of their main focuses was figuring out the ideal temperature for steaming abalone (a type of snail) at a low temperature. It is common to steam abalone at 212 degrees F for 2 hours. They spent over 6 months figuring this out, by increasing the temperature ever so slightly for each test. They found steaming at a temperature of 140 to 148 degrees was optimal and by increasing by even 2 degrees will change the deliciousness.

Other projects the lab been working on are, air bubbles I food and finding the longevity of the guts of pickled seafood.

To read more on this project continue reading at the Washington post.

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