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Pokemon Themed Cafe does exist?

Pokémon’s popularity has been crazy over the last couple of years amongst children and even in adults.  If you don’t know what Pokémon is then maybe you might have heard of Pikachu at least?  A majority of people who love pop-culture would know of this yellowish little, pudgy, bunny like character.

This character of Pikachu is found in many video games (first appeared in 1996), cartoons and in food themes. 

According to Japan 4k, there is a café in Japan that is dedicated to all characters of Pokémon.  This café located in Tokyo, has an incredible vast menu with food dishes of Curry, omelets, burgers, and incredible looking desserts.  Apparently the dessert is a must try because it is rich in flavors of yogurt moose and framboise.

This café is open for limited time since the launch of the movie back in 2014. So you better make the trip if you are going to be in the capital of Japan.

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