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Wasabi and Salmon EQUALS an Awesome Burger?

Two of the most popular Japanese related food in America?  Answer: How about Wasabi and Salmon.

Why these 2?

The kick of the wasabi is what makes it so unique and a bit addictive. You just want more of it. Where salmon, is a very popular fish in North America and you can get them pretty fresh considering that they can be found in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Now what about combined the Wasabi and Salmon somehow?

No we aren't talking about sushi here! We want to turn these two combinations into America's favorite style or way of eating and that is, the Pattie. Pattie's are so great because they're so easy to eat.   

It is like a large finger food and so versatile.  You can put them in buns or break them into little pieces and add him to a solid.

Where is the recipe?

Luckily a reader sent us a recipe on wasabi salmon burgers.  We are happy to say that this is a very easy to make, all you really need are a salmon fillet obviously, scallions, eggs, ginger and soy sauce. These ingredients are common in every household in America. The only two ingredients that you may not have are wasabi powder in maybe sesame oil, which are an important ingredients in this recipe.

Wasabi powder can be found in most Asian convenience stores, but they are getting to be more mainstream, because of the popularity of Japanese food of course!  So they could be possibly found in your local market along with the sesame oil.  If you don't know exactly what Wasabi powder is, please visit our guide to understand the different types of Wasabi.

The detailed recipe can be found at this link.

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