Japanese Popsicle That Melts Into Pasta Sauce

Have you seen this Pasta flavored popsicle?  

Japanese Pasta Popsicle Flavored

Well in Japan they are known for having different flavors that is not common to the west, and no one does it better than Japanese Popsicle company Akagi Nyugyo.  

Founded in Saitama Prefecture in 1980, Akagi has been selling popsicles for many years in Japan with over 200 million product sales a year.   With amazing flavors and a cool mascot as their logo, they have dominated the Japanese sweet market for Popsicles.

Recently a video surfaced showing a user microwaving pasta flavored popsicle into a bowl.  He then proceeds to pour the melted substance over his pasta noodles and then does the taste test.  But how does the liquid sauce compared to real pasta sauce?  Check out his reaction below!

Nuked Popsicle Sauce

Melted Pasta Flavored Popsicle

Poured over pasta

Pouring the liquid over a bowl of Pasta Noodles

Taste test

Taste test.

Reaction to popsicle pasta sauce


Original Youtube video.