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Japan's Plastic Food

"Japan is famous for its wealth of delicious and interesting foods starting with sushi,tempuratakoyaki and hundreds of variations of ramen and soba. Then there’s the endless regional specialties; even the smallest village will have its own unique dish it prides itself on. However, for tourists who don’t speak or read any Japanese, ordering these exotic dishes can be quite intimidating.

Many places will only have menus in Japanese, and you would be missing out on a large part of Japan’s varied food culture if you only went to the places that offered English.


That’s why, as well as being awesome to look at, Japan’s fake food or “food samples” have become indispensable to foreigners.

Although most restaurants in Japan use the English word “menu”, that will often be the only bit of English on that menu! It’s not unusual for smaller shops to have no English at all. In a country that’s so taken with its own food credentials, it can make it a bit difficult for foreign tourists to access.

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