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Exploring Japan - Highlights of Clotilde

We love sharing articles on individuals traveling to Japan and exploring the country, especially if it involves food.  This piece we are sharing today is from a website called Chocolate and Zucchini which is run by Clotilde, a French food writer.  In 2010 she traveled to Japan and spent time in Tokyo as well as Osaka.  Here are some of the food highlights.

The Best & Real Japanese Wasabi is from Izu Peninsula, Japan

On the Izu Peninsula in Central Japan, lies mount Amagi which is mistaken for a mountain but in fact is a series of volcanoes.  The highest mountain peak in the range is named Bansaburodake is 1400 m high.  The area receives humid winds from the Pacific Ocean and a high amount of rain (3000mm a year) creating a rich and spectacular landscape.

A trip to a Sake bar in Tokyo. UKYO! A Foodie Adventure.

C.B. Cebulski from Eataku recently visited a Sake bar in Miniato-ku Tokyo, called Ukyo.  He was in for quite a "Foodie Adventure."  Check out some of the amazing Sake/Food pairings he was served.  We warn you, you may salivate. 

As we had all just eaten, we pretty much just drank from Ukyo’s vast list of top-notch sakes, which features over 200 bottles from around Japan, personally curated by the owner, Okada-san…