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Japanese lemon

Hachijo: A Japanese Lemon 3 times larger than a Supermarket one?

Best way to preserve avocados?

Well it’s squirting a dash of lemon or lime. The sad thing is, as of today, there will be a shortage of avocados in the coming months because of the drought in California and other areas avocados are grown. This is also bad timing because in Japan, Hachijo fruit lemons will be in season at the end of this month. But then you would need to import these lemons from Japan so it wouldn’t be as cost effective.  So what makes these Japanese lemons so special??

The perfect food? The science behind it at a Kyoto Laboratory

In a laboratory of a University in Japan lies the future of the perfect food.

You probably wondering what is a perfect food?

A laboratory located in Kyoto main goals are to discover it.  Participating in this project are a group of top chefs and scientist working together to try to understand the science behind good food.

Visit Osaka town during the 1960s?

Have you ever wondered what it was like back in the 60s?  How bout visiting a town in Japan in the 60s?  We have good news and you do not need a DeLorean.

"Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho" has reproduced 'Osaka town' during the time of the 60s.  You will find an abundant of shops, food stalls that serve Takoyaki and other Japanese snacks.  

The website has 360 panoramic image of one section of the town to give you a sense on what to expect.


Burger King new Cheese Burger is black

Burger King Japan has recently release a cheeseburger where the buns and cheese are of the color black.  Apparently this was achieved by using bamboo charcoal.  

Black Burger from Burger King Japan Comparison

The sauces are made with squid ink to give it a dark brownish color.  Looking at the burger, the only colors are from the lettuce and tomatoes.  These burgers are available in Japan for a limited time.

Cool Sushi Stamp from Toyama Prefecture

You have to check out these cool Sushi stamps just released from the Prefecture of Tomyama.  The sushi images are from famous sushi restaurants in the area.  

One stamp comes to 82 Yen (0.75USD) .  One sheet is 1230 Yen.

Sushi Stamps from Tomyama Prefecture.

These stamps are of a limited edition and only 1200 of them wil be released by the post office.

Gummy Candies that looks too real

If you ever visited Asia you probably have seen insects as a food item around popular street markets.  Crickets, spiders, grasshoppers, worms, you name it.  Usually fried or deep fried and coated with spices.  Still though, many westerners still feel alarmed when presented with a platter of deep fried crickets.  The best approach to facing your fear is to gradual face it.  We are happy to say that we have the perfect solution to help with the fear.  

Space food for Japanese Astronauts? Check these out...

When you think of astronauts going into space, do you ever think what kind of food they eat?  

The Aerospace agency in Japan has chosen just over 30 Japanese dishes to be included in future mission.   You can see the list here.  

Here is some of the food items that we found interesting: