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Japanese most Renowned Alcohol as a Kit Kat Flavor?

Japan Kit Kat has done it again with another interesting flavor to try. You are probably wondering what is this new flavor and we can say that it has a hint of alcohol.

This new flavor will be sold during the beginning of February 2016 and encompasses the flavors of both chocolate and the taste of sake(which btw has some interesting health benefits). This flavor is not supposed to be explosive but will have more of a smooth body to it.

The UK - Lack of Qualified Japanese Chef?

Back in 2006, there was a famous chef in England who cooked for the Japanese ambassador who fell flat in the flavor Department and in terms of technique.  Basically the ambassador told him that he needs to come to Japan to learn the proper way of preparing sushi. 

Organic Food Tech in Japan inspire China

Natural and wellness meals choices are more and more common in China, however there are often hard to find in the event you are a foreigner.
A Japanese company is focusing on services for delivering natural veggies is gaining popularity in Mainland China.
With the services, individuals are more keen and have more confidence in buying natural products.  Many of the farm are growing vegetables without the need for gardening chemical substances or fertilizers.  

This Japanese Gin is the World's Most Expensive?

Watenshi gin is only exclusive to Selfridge of London.  The gin is presented in a glass bottle that was hand blown and the pricetag is -> 2000 pounds or $3000usd.  Their claim is that it is the most expensive gin in the world.

Only in Japan - Sublime Gold Kit Kat Flavor

Who doesn’t like a Kit Kat bar once in a while?  It is one of the most iconic candy bars/chocolate bars in the world.  It is as a worldwide phenomenon hitting global markets in 16 countries and has been quite the craze in Japan.  In Japan since 2000, Nestle has created over 200 flavors.  This rivals the amount of flavors that Pokey and Pretz offers, the 2 most iconic candy bar sticks in Japan.

Pokemon Themed Cafe does exist?

Pokémon’s popularity has been crazy over the last couple of years amongst children and even in adults.  If you don’t know what Pokémon is then maybe you might have heard of Pikachu at least?  A majority of people who love pop-culture would know of this yellowish little, pudgy, bunny like character.

This character of Pikachu is found in many video games (first appeared in 1996), cartoons and in food themes. 

Natto Protein will help frozen food last longer

Natto Beans will make your ice cream last longer?

Don’t you hate it when you’re licking ice cream during the hot sun and it just drips down the cone, then to your hands and then all the way down to your elbows.  In order to prevent this from happening, you’ll have to lick the eat ice cream as quick as you can, but then you end up with a bad brain freeze.  Oh what to do?