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Secret to Longevity according to Oldest Woman in the World : Sleep and Sushi

A lot has been said about the connection between a healthy lifestyle and a long life. Some say it’s just a bunch of scientific jargon but if the world’s oldest woman Misao Okawa is anything to go by then there might be some truth to the notion.

According to this 116 year-old Japanese woman(Update: Sadly Passed on 1 April 2015) it is no coincidence that she has lived so long, she has actually put some effort into staying alive.

Green Tea: A vital ingredient against Oral Cancer Cells?

In recent years green tea has received a great deal of attention throughout the media. Many health claims have been made and some are actually very beneficial to consumers. One such discovery is the ability of Green tea to kill oral cancer cells. While this may seem like an impossible task for an ordinary beverage the research is astounding.

father and son

Chef not Raising Prices after loss of Wife in Kobe Quake: Happy Ending Arises

Many of us have heard the words ‘I will love you ‘till the end of time’ but how many people have actually kept this promise? Well, 71 year-old Kazuyoshi Ueno has kept his love for his late wife Michiko burning more than two decades after she perished in the Great Hanshin Earthquake that devastated their home town of Kobe, Japan on 17th January, 1995.

Wasabi and Salmon EQUALS an Awesome Burger?

Two of the most popular Japanese related food in America?  Answer: How about Wasabi and Salmon.

Why these 2?

The kick of the wasabi is what makes it so unique and a bit addictive. You just want more of it. Where salmon, is a very popular fish in North America and you can get them pretty fresh considering that they can be found in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Did you know Japan has an Appetite for Sheep?


Early in the 20th century, sheep was imported to Japan not only for wool but for eating.  Several sheep farms could be found throughout Japan during that time. Several years later most of these farms were removed/demolished by the government Japan. 

The only places that you could find Lamb in Japan as an edible source, was in the northern province of Hokkaido. It was there, that the name Genghis Khan was used for the dish Jingisukan(basically grilled lamb).

mochi pounding

Mochi Pounding at Lightning Speed! Don't blink!

A new fun video has just surfaced from Japan from the town of Nara.  It shows two guys working together pounding Mochi as fast as they can. It is amazing how these two Japanese mochi experts work in unison especially at the tremendous speed they are moving at, without injuring each other.

Jiro Ono Thoughts and the Status of Wild Fishery

Even today, the majority of fish consumed by humans is taken in the wild. Although aquaculture and farmed fisheries are becoming more effective and are expected to eventually take over wild fishery, they still have a long way to go, both in technological advances and adoption by major fishing nations (China, the United-States, Indonesia, India, Peru, the Russian Federation, Japan, etc.)