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Minature Pigs and Miso Soup?

Plated dishes in Japan are showcased proudly whether it is in a department store or in a restaurant district.  These dishes have a sense of style, a strong appeal and a desire to consume by making your mouth water.  That is the main focus of these plates as aesthetics play a strong role in Japanese cuisne.  What many people do not realize is these showcase or display dishes are fake and are not edible.

Some of them look so real that they are mistaken for real dishes.  That is truly the goal, to entice customers to come into the restaurants. 

Making Sushi? Who needs Seaweed when you got Sriracha

What are the 2 most popular food items in the world?  In our opinion it is Sushi and the ever growing popular condiment of Sriracha.  In the west, sriracha is a popular ingredient as a sauce for sushi, especially when it is combined with Mayo.  This special combination is called spicy mayo. 

According to food-hacks of, why not use Sriracha instead of Seaweed.

How is this even possible?

Burger King New Red Burger: The Samurai

Burger King of Japan made headlines months ago with their black burger(with improved ingredients).  This time around, they are bringing an all "Red Burger" to compliment the black burger and it is called the "Samurai Burger".  This red burger will be on sale in Japan on July 3rd, and BK is hoping it will become a hit.  You can either buy the chicken or beef versions. 

Burger King new Red Samurai Burger

Beautiful New Japanese Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, located in Southern Vietnam, is one of the largest cities in South East Asia.  The city is not just known for Southern Vietnamese Cuisine but for also for many styles of cuisine with influences from France and China.  One area to visit for a bite, is a place callled Ding Cong Trang area.  You will find 100s of people eating outside with many outdoor food vendors to choose from. 

Ho Chi Minh is great for the budget travelers as well as for those looking for 4 star meals. 

What is the Difference between American Wagyu and Japanese Wagyu?

Let’s begin with the basics: What is Wagyu?

Wagyu is very high quality Japanese beef that is produced by indigenous Japanese cattle breeds like the Japanese Black. Many of these cattle are reared in strictly controlled conditions and have never left the boarders of Japan let alone specific regions. What’s more, the beef they produce is intricately graded and attached to price tags that would make many of us blush.  For more detail on Wagyu beef, please read our article on Kobe Beef.

sushi family

New TV Anime based on Sushi and Japanese Food

Michael Booth’s book Sushi and Beyond has taken his readers at home and abroad by storm. The book focuses on a one hundred day journey through some very unlikely areas as well as well known areas throughout Japan. The book focuses on the vast culture of Japan and its many exotic food choices. Michael Booth has had his book published in both the UK and Japan where it is currently holding steady in the top ten. In fact an anime series is set to come out soon that will feature Booth and his family.

natto beans and its health benefits

American Natto? Fermented Soybean and its Health Benefits

Vinegar-like odor, slimy texture, and bland tasting. These are words that you would hope to never ever use when describing your food. However if you take a trip to Japan, you might find yourself trying natto, a....unique food. Natto is fermented soybean, and is a food that the Japanese enjoy, and really only the Japanese. With the words just used to describe this food, it’s not surprising the rest of the world isn't jumping on the bandwagon to incorporate this food in their diet.